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Franchising - Better Gelato --- Purity - Passion - Taste - Better Gelato --- Purity - Passion - Taste

The Better Gelato Franchise Concept

You simply sign a rental contract with 6 or 12 months runtime, pay a low deposit fee of $ 500.00* per machine, as low as $ 149.00 rent per month and you are ready to go.

Based onto our 20 years experience in gelato making, we have developed a no brainer concept for our Better Gelato franchise system.

The core of the Better Gelato System are the high end machines from our partner Carpigiani the world leader in gelato making equipment.

We supply a super premium quality powder produced only with natural ingredients to the highest possible standarts.

This powder is a ready to use mix, only dissolve with warm water. No gelato making experience is needed.. 

From high end store concepts for casinos to a single 10" x 10" tent for events we have the right solution to drive your sales

Our innovative machine rental program helps Better Gelato franchisees to overcome the hurdles of a seasonal business.

After season, simply send back the machines and start a new rental period next year when season begins. 

No one else in the industry offers this flexible solution.

You have the (seasonal) traffic, we have the solution to make you money !




* Depending on your rating score the deposit fee might be a little higher.